• Preschool

    Preschool hours 9.00–13.00

    Additional daycare 7.15–17.00

    The Wendy House preschool is a combination of finishing what we started at playschool and preparing for big school in English and in Finnish. Circle time, story time, laying the table and helping at lunch time, social skills, bookwork combining letters and numbers, fine and gross motor skills, mathematics, science and art are part of our preschool day. Wendy House also offers a variety of themes throughout the year. Trips to the library, visiting other schools, gym days, swimming school and sleepover are also fun and unforgettable experiences before entering the big school.

    The Wendy House preschool curriculum meets the content of the Turku city preschool curriculum, which is based on the Finnish National Core Curriculum for Pre-Primary Education. The Wendy House preschool curriculum has been carefully planned to meet the demands for bilingual teaching and learning.